The beginnings of the company date back to 1991, when the Bojan Breznik s.p. trade workshop was established. The company’s main activity was the production of plastic injection moulding tools. Due to increased production, the company moved into a new production facility in 1999 and began intensive modernisation. The new production activity, plastic injection moulding, began in 2005. Throughout the years, we expanded our sales, invested in modern machinery, employed new colleagues and in 2014, due to shortage of space, we began constructing a modern industrial production hall in the industrial zone in Muta. An important milestone was the transformation from sole proprietor to a limited liability company, O.P.S. BREZNIK d.o.o., on 5 March 2015.

Our main activities are:
  • production of plastic injection moulding tools
  • production of plastic products
  • O.P.S. BREZNIK d.o.o.
  • O.P.S. BREZNIK d.o.o.
  • O.P.S. BREZNIK d.o.o.
  • O.P.S. BREZNIK d.o.o.


We wish to become an innovative company that will offer our customers comprehensive services from product development to serial deliveries of parts for the automotive industry. We wish our work environment to be employee and environment friendly.


establishment of the Bojan Breznik s.p. company, production of moulds for polyurethane moulding and production of less demanding plastic injection moulding tools
transfer to own production and business facility, modernisation and increase of machinery, market expansion and intensive cooperation with European companies, predominantly from Germany and Austria; 2 employees
introduction of 3D CNC machining for tools
start of five-axis machining of metal, start of own production of plastic products; 5 employees; annual revenue EUR 320,000; 63% share of export
purchase of a machine for optical precision injection moulding that allows facilitated development of new products, introduction of the quality system and the ISO 9001:2008 certificate for production of plastic products; 6 employees; annual revenue EUR 411,000; 70% share of export
purchase of new technological production equipment: wire erosion, 3D measuring machine, laser beam metal processing, plastic injection moulding machine; 8 employees; annual revenue EUR 1.1 million; 71% share of export
continual growth of demand and production, development of new products, start of investment into the construction of a new production facility (1,600 m2 of useful space) in the Muta Industrial Zone; 10 employees; annual revenue EUR 1.35 million; 87% share of export
transformation from sole proprietor to the single-person company with limited liability O.P.S. BREZNIK d.o.o., moving to the new production facility, started automated production processes; annual revenue of EUR 2 mio, 16 employees, 93% share of export
obtaining the ISO 9001:2015 certificate, annual revenue of EUR 2.4 million, 19 employees, 94% share of export
start of production for the Chinese market, expansion of plastic production machinery and start of robotisation, digitalisation of production processes, Industry 4.0 annual revenue of EUR 3.1 million, 22 employees, 93% share of export
Obtaining the environmental quality standard and the ISO14001:2015 certificate, annual revenue of EUR 3.5 million, 25 employees, 94% share of export
IATF certification, annual revenues of EUR 2.7 million
start of activities for the construction of an extension and increase of production premises, annual revenues of EUR 2.6 million


Long company name:
O.P.S. BREZNIK proizvodnja in storitve d.o.o.
O.P.S. BREZNIK d.o.o.
Address / Headquarters:
Koroška cesta 41
2366 Muta
+386 2 87 69 050
Registered at the Slovenj Gradec District Court
Srg 2015/7492
Activity code:
Bank account:
IBAN SI56 1010 0003 9363 468 (Banka Intesa Sanpaolo d.d.)
ID No.:
SI 45906092
Company No.: